Our Repair & Revitalize Captial Campaign is underway.

April 14, 2021
Repair and Revitalize Update:

Thank you for your extravagant generosity to our Repair and Revitalize capital campaign! As of April 13, we have received $32,489.11 in contributions and an additional $5,432 in pledges, for a total of $37,921.11, which is 63.2% of our $60,000 goal. We look forward to re-gathering in the sanctuary soon with the HVAC repairs, fresh paint, and new audiovisual equipment!


At our January Church Conference, the church voted to begin a capital campaign to raise funds for HVAC repair work in the sanctuary, to repair/update the sanctuary sound system, and to install new video equipment. The campaign goal of Repair & Revitalize is to raise $60,000 between Lent 2021 and Easter 2022. The campaign officially began on Ash Wednesday, Feb 17, as we entered the Lenten season of sacrifice and giving. Gifts to the campaign may be given as a lump sum at any time or in increments throughout the 14 months of the campaign, which will conclude on Easter Sunday, April 17, 2022. Your gifts to this campaign will improve the safety and functioning of our HVAC system and will greatly enhance our online worship as well as the technology and accessibility of in-person worship.

As is our custom, 10% of gifts to this fund will go to Hands On Mission. This practice of including Hands On Missions in our capital campaign is a way of remembering Jesus’ command to love our neighbors. Even as we are endeavoring to raise money for something we need for our church, it is important to remember those beyond our church. Adding this additional challenge to the campaign pushes us to give a little more so that we might do more good work in the world.

Please consider making a generous gift to this fund for these much-needed updates to our church equipment.


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