The Woodchuck firewood ministry is having another busy season. They have made 37 deliveries already this season, and are on track to pass the 60 total deliveries of last season. They received a beautiful thank you note from hospice on behalf of a family they care for:

We can’t thank you enough for what Woodchucks has done for our patient and his family. This very morning when we reached out, via Facebook, you responded and was making a delivery this very same day! Please know how grateful we are for what you and Woodchucks have done. This is the only source of heat our family has and is only among the few of their many needs. May God bless you and all of your volunteers!!!

Now this is Christmas.

Lynn Brooks, Pruitt Health

Special Invite: If you haven’t woodchucked in a while (or ever), the setup behind First Baptist Church of Pendleton is a perfect place to get involved: lots of room to park, flat area, and not as dangerous as our other locations. Just bundle up, bring gloves (we have some if you don’t), bring hearing protection, a mask, and get ready to jump right in and help. Woodchucks meet Saturday mornings.

To be completely transparent, woodchucking is not very complicated. We cut, split, stack or load, and unload. Even if you only have an hour to work, that will make a big difference toward helping provide firewood for folks in need. No pressure – just come if you can.

Ted Stokes