Keleigh Frazier has accepted a full-time teaching position at Anderson Christian School for the coming school year. Congratulations, Keleigh!

While this is an exciting opportunity for Keleigh, it also brings unfortunate news for our church. As she prepares for her new role, Keleigh has submitted her letter of resignation as the Director of Children’s Ministry at FBC Pendleton.

Hello personnel committee,
My family has loved growing and being a part of FBCP, but the time has come for me to return to work full time next year. I have accepted a K5 teaching position at Anderson Christian and plan to teach next year at the school with my children. I am very thankful for the opportunity and the church home my family has been a part of over the last few years. I plan for my last day to be June 30th.
Thank you so much for this experience,
Keleigh Frazier

We are deeply grateful for Keleigh’s faithful ministry at FBCP. We will be working on plans to celebrate her 4 years of serving on our church staff in the coming weeks. We will also be working on plans for the future of our children’s ministry programming. Please pray for Keleigh and her family and for our church family during this time of transition.

We will have a prayer of blessing for Keleigh in our online worship service on June 28, Keleigh’s last Sunday on FBCP staff. We would love to include some photos or drawings from our children wishing Mrs. Keleigh well. Please send them to by Tuesday, June 24. You may also send cards or letters directly to Keleigh Frazier at 304 Nottingham Way, Anderson, SC 29621.