We are learning much about faith and love as we move through a unique time of fear. I feel our way will be illuminated by that faith and love!!

I wanted to reach out and share with you a coping device I’ve been promoting with family, friends, clients, and staff called:


S top
T ake a Deep Breath
O bserve: What am I thinking about? What is it I’m reacting to? What am I feeling in my body?
P erspective – consider the bigger picture
P ractice what works!

I am continuing to take new referrals and will see patients either through virtual visits via MyChart or by phone. I can easily see someone who is healthy and has difficulty with technology at our Easley location. Call for an appointment at 1-888-293-7585.

Dede Norungolo is an Outpatient Counselor at Baptist Easley Counseling, part of Prisma Health.