Following the retirement of Dr. Don Keller, we are excited to welcome our new on-site counselor, Dede Norungolo. Ms. Norungolo sees clients at FBCP on Thursdays. To make an appointment or for information about costs, call the Baptist Easley Counseling Center at 1-888-293-7585. The Counseling Center is part of Prisma Health, which accepts insurance, including Medicaid. Prisma Health also has a program available which offers financial assistance. If you need further financial assistance in order to pursue counseling, please contact Pastor Jennifer Rygg.

Clinician Emphasizes Meeting Patients Where They Are

“I’m so pleased to be serving clients at First Baptist Church of Pendleton as an outpatient therapist with Baptist Easley Counseling/PRISMA,” said Dede Norungolo, MRC, CRC, LPC, LAC. “As someone who has benefitted from therapy at many times throughout my own life’s journey, I recognize that it’s sometimes very difficult to reach out and talk with someone outside of your family and church home. This opportunity to meet at the church is such a gift for our practice.”

Norungolo, a native of Greenville, SC, has not always been a clinician. In her first career from 1989 to 2006, she worked in public relations and nonprofit management. Her hobbies include photography, hiking, and supporting a variety of animal rescue organizations. Raised in the Catholic Church, Norungolo was led to Unity Association following a near-fatal car accident in 1999. She prides herself on meeting her clients “where they are” on the growth continuum.

“I recognize that there are times when we need support to unpack situations and circumstances with someone such as a therapist,” Norungolo said. “Initial sessions are designed simply to help you determine if we can collaborate or if you may need a referral elsewhere.”