Dear Friends,

On behalf of the children and families that we serve, we would like to thank you for your recent donation. Your gift enables us to continue to serve the children in our care and community who need the help and support of our services.

With your support, we are able to make the summer fun, productive and memorable for the children. Through activities such as VBS, camp, swimming, picnics and outings to amusement and water parks the children are able to enjoy their summer in ways they may have never experienced before. For these children we are blessed to have been able to broaden cultural and educational horizons while building self-esteem. Thank you!

It is our hope that this time of discovery will form memories for later years… ones that they will carry with them and prayerfully lead to a better tomorrow.

Again, thank you for your generosity. As always, we ask that you continue to keep our children, staff and this ministry in your prayers throughout the year. May God richly bless you and your family.

In HIS Service Together,

Alena Pelfrey
Executive Director
Collins Children’s Home

P.S. Thank you for all you do for our kids — your faithful support and heart for our Ministry is truly a blessing.